Holiday homes in Norway

Looking for a holiday home in Norway?

Looking to get away from it all to recharge your batteries? Why not consider some time in a wonderful holiday home in Norway!

Relaxing in nature, hiking in the mountains, canoeing on a lake. Norway is the place to be when it comes to a vacation destination to recharge your batteries. It is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of every day. Fjord Rentals lets several beautiful holiday homes in Norway.

Peace and space

Did you know that Norway is more than nine times as big as the Netherlands? And that it has a population of only 5.3 million? It is plain to see that Norway is the land of space and tranquillity!

It also offers stunning nature like you have never seen before. This means that nature is never far away from major cities like Oslo or Kristiansand or cultural attractions.

Why rent a holiday home in Norway?

Just imagine the breathtaking landscapes with fjords, mountains, valleys, lakes, islets, rivers and, of course, especially forests. Norway has it all. So, whether your goal is relaxation, adventure or exercise, Norway is the place to be.


When you say sauna, you say Norway. After all, most holiday homes in Norway have their own sauna. And in the unlikely event yours does not, there is always a spa nearby overlooking a lake, fjord or mountain, where you can enjoy the view while your body relaxes.


For adventurers, there is plenty to experience in addition to activities such as mountain biking, kayaking and mountain climbing. You can go on a moose safari, ice fishing trip or dog sled ride. You just have to drive a little further for it. But you are sure to enjoy the scenery along the way, in any case.

Visit Norway's website offers plenty of tips, so you will never be bored for even a moment during your holiday in Norway.


For those who enjoy a sports-filled holiday, Norway is also an absolute must visit. Norwegian nature is the main reason many people travel to Norway.

With so many trails to choose from, you can go on a different scenic hike, climb or walk every day and enjoy the most fascinating views. Grab your hiking boots, climb a mountain peak or go skiing!

Our holiday homes in Norway

After a long day on the road, it is lovely to come home to a beautiful holiday home in Norway. Our holiday homes are spacious and situated in the middle of nature.

Fjord Rentals rents out wooden holiday homes in several beautiful locations in Norway, from Dutch, Norwegian and German owners. This ensures you will always book a unique holiday home in Norway!

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Holiday home locations in Norway

Most of our holiday homes are currently located in Southern Norway. This part of Norway is the easiest and quickest to access from the Netherlands, by boat or by plane.

Southern Norway is characterised by rugged mountain landscapes, large lakes, fjords and forests. Dutch people especially appreciate this area for its ski slopes, hiking areas and small picturesque villages.