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Stay in a holiday home in Norway with Dutch owners!

Did you know that many Dutch people rent out their homes in Norway? Many holidaymakers dream of experiencing the beautiful Norway, and we completely understand that! To make it even easier for you, we recommend staying in a holiday home in Norway with Dutch owners. This brings many benefits, allowing you to enjoy your stay even more.


The charm of Norwegian holiday homes

Norwegian holiday homes, also called "hytter," offer an extraordinary opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and enjoy the peace and beauty of Norwegian nature. The houses themselves are already incredibly beautiful and luxurious, but when you step outside, you'll be enchanted by the stunning surroundings. Here, you can enjoy serene lakes, majestic mountains, and the Northern Lights in winter.

  • Enjoy the peace and beauty of Norwegian nature Enjoy the peace and beauty of Norwegian nature

Popular destinations for holiday homes in Norway

Norway has numerous beautiful destinations to choose from for your holiday home adventure. Here are some of the most popular regions:

1. The Norwegian Fjords

The Norwegian fjords are world-famous and are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here, you can enjoy spectacular landscapes, take boat trips through narrow fjords, and experience the calm waters.

2. Northern Norway

For adventurers, Northern Norway is the place to be. Here, you can witness the Northern Lights, go sea fishing, and enjoy the midnight sun during the summer months.

3. Oslo and the Surrounding Areas

For those who want to combine the city with nature, the capital Oslo is an excellent choice. You can explore the city and then easily reach the surrounding nature parks for outdoor activities.

4. Bergen and the Fjord Region

Bergen is a charming city on the west coast of Norway, surrounded by beautiful fjords and mountains. Here, you can enjoy culture, history, and breathtaking landscapes.

What makes holiday homes in Norway so appealing?

What makes holiday homes in Norway so appealing is the opportunity to live like a local. You can prepare your own meals in fully equipped kitchens, enjoy long walks in nature, and relax by the fireplace in the evening while listening to the sounds of nature around you. It's the perfect way to escape the hectic pace of modern life and slow down.

  • Live like a local Live like a local

The benefits of a Dutch owner

One of the significant advantages of renting a holiday home in Norway with a Dutch owner is easy communication. Owners often speak Dutch and understand the needs of Dutch holidaymakers. This makes trip planning and organizing details much easier and stress-free.

Furthermore, Dutch owners can provide valuable local knowledge. They can give you tips on the best activities, restaurants, and sights in the area. This can help you make the most of your holiday and discover Norway's hidden gems.

  • Easy communication with a Dutch owner Easy communication with a Dutch owner