Telemark 19 May 2023

Of course, cooking in your wooden holiday home is fun, but spending an evening eating out during your vacation is also a real treat. We have listed our favourite restaurants in Telemark for you:

Dalen Hotel
Like walking into a fairy tale. Opened in 1894, this hotel is very romantically decorated. Incidentally, it is also the oldest wooden hotel on the Telemark Canal.
More information: Dalen Hotel

Nutheim Gjestgiveri
Guests have been coming here to eat and drink for over 140 years. The restaurant's recipes have been passed down from mother to daughter for many generations. The traditional Norwegian dishes have a subtle French twist. All the cakes and breads are baked in-house.
More information: Nutheim

Straand Hotel
The atmosphere in Straand Hotel goes way back in history. This is hardly surprising, since this hotel-restaurant has been passed through many a generation for 150 years. Straand Hotel is one of Telemark's premier full-service hotels. In summer, you can sit outside on the terrace.
More information: Straand Hotel

Bjaaland Bygderestaurant
The food and drink served at Bjaaland Bygderestaurant is in tune with the environment and the seasons. Each dish is prepared with local and organic ingredients that have clearly been produced with love.
More information: Bjaaland Bygderestaurant